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About IDEAL Society

Inclusion Diversity Equity Action Leadership

We are a global, intergenerational network of policy makers, thinkers, innovators, educators, entrepreneurs, implementers, and catalysts from diverse disciplines and backgrounds who have come together to pursue one vision:

To transform society so that both women and men can pursue their dreams, fulfill their potential, exercise leadership, and be respected for their achievements.

Hala Zreiqat, Founder

Hala Zreiqat

I would like to take this opportunity as this website goes live to acknowledge the support and sponsorship I have received during the establishment of the IDEAL Society network. None of this would have been possible without the support of The University of Sydney and Harvard University.

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If you'd like to receive further information on upcoming events, how to get involved, or how to become a member, we'd love to hear from you!
Feel free to send us an email at idealsocietyharvard@gmail.com or hala.zreiqat@sydney.edu.au
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Latest News

BioTech Futures Challenge (Vic 2020, NSW 2021)

February 8, 2021
BIOTech Futures is an innovation and mentorship program that aims to empower Australia’s brightest young scientific minds. Our initiative connects high school students with world-class academics to think creatively about biologically inspired solutions to challenges in the fields of Health, Medicine, Energy, and the Environment. We put students at the frontiers of research where they can ask big questions, be inspired and challenge the status quo, and in doing so, we give them the necessary tools to become the game-changers of the future.
Students in Years 9-12 at any Australian high school will get the opportunity to come up with solutions to challenges in the field of Health & Medicine or Energy & Environment. These ideas will be presented at a two-day Symposium from 8-9 February 2021 at the University of Sydney, which provides a forum to both the Universities seeking solutions and the students who strive to solve them.

This year’s Challenge will link students with academics from the University of Sydney, as well as the ARC Training Centres for Innovative Bioengineering, Personalised Therapeutics Technologies, Medical Implant Technologies, Data Analytics for Resources & Environment and CubeSats, UAVs and Their Applications.

COVID-19 statement:
The Symposium has been moved from early December to early February 2021 due to the COVID-19 situation. If this situation persists, then virtual conferencing software may be considered as an alternative to an in-person alternative. Please expect an update by mid-October.

When and where:
Monday, Feburary 8-9,  2021
The University of Sydney
Who can get involved?
High school students in Years 9-12 are invited to participate .
How can I join?

The BIOTech Futures Challenge is open to individuals and teams of 3 – 5 students from Years 9 – 12 who are members of the Girl Power program. Registration will close 14th September 2020.

Students must be available to attend the online sympoisum on 5th December.

Teams will be notified of their application outcome no later than 18th September 2020.

Please ensure you have read the Rules and Regulations before applying.

(Registration currently closed)
For details, go to https://biotechfutures.org/