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About IDEAL Society

Inclusion Diversity Equity Action Leadership

We are a global, intergenerational network of policy makers, thinkers, innovators, educators, entrepreneurs, implementers, and catalysts from diverse disciplines and backgrounds who have come together to pursue one vision:

To transform society so that both women and men can pursue their dreams, fulfill their potential, exercise leadership, and be respected for their achievements.

Hala Zreiqat, Founder

Hala Zreiqat

I would like to take this opportunity as this website goes live to acknowledge the support and sponsorship I have received during the establishment of the IDEAL Society network. None of this would have been possible without the support of The University of Sydney and Harvard University.

Contact Us

If you'd like to receive further information on upcoming events, how to get involved, or how to become a member, we'd love to hear from you!
Feel free to send us an email at idealsocietyharvard@gmail.com
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Latest News

A call for inspirational stories

June 9, 2019

Call For Stories Banner

IDEAL Society is currently undertaking an exciting, creative project that aims to celebrate the accomplishments of women in society.
As such, we would like to reach out to you to seek nominations for women who have inspirational stories, or are unsung heroes in society or your local community that deserve to be recognised. 
If you know anyone or would like to nominate someone for this project, feel free to share your nominations with us at: idealsocietyharvard@gmail.com.
We would love to hear your stories!