Norma Tracey

Biggest sense of achievement: Working with Aboriginal mothers and setting up a program that will live long beyond me and so putting a valuable brick in the edifice of life.

Key life lesson? Humility is the greatest virtue...envy destroys life.

Describe yourself in 3 words: Dedicated, passionate, doer

What inspires you most about your job? The depth of thinking it requires; the transformation it creates.

Key to success is: Knowing your own skills; knowing your weaknesses; hard work, without counting the cost; the capacity to inspire others to share in the vision and contribute their skills to it.

What motivates you: The desire to give.

Quality you most like to have: A depth of Faith and a humility about achievement.

What you most dream of ...:Achieving something meaningful and useful.

Happiness is: Achieving the respect of the world around me; sustaining the love of those dear to me

Hardest life lesson: Choosing a path for the wrong reasons; then failing because it did not fit.

Values you admire in others: The capacity to think, to search and to be curious.

Favourite motto: “All anyone can do in a lifetime is put one small brick in the edifice of life, so make sure it is a good one.”
---John Bowlby

Best piece of advice: Open your mind, and where there is no path, make one!

Can we have it all: No! I don't want it all - then there'd be nothing to strive for.

Experience which taught you most: Failing with a patient, failing in a work choice. Failure creates humility and depth, a searching of the soul, a new growth.

What do you listen to most - head, heart or gut: Gut. It carries all three of these. Intuition is the greatest inner voice of all.

Most passionate about: My work is my passion. It keeps me alive and curious in seeking a lasting giving.

Aspect of your work you are most proud of: Working to alleviate the traumas of Aboriginal Mothers and their infants.